Attractions in Santiago de los Caballeros
Dominican Republic
Idioma / Language:Español

Monuments to the Heroes of the Restauration

It is place at the entrance of the town, and was  erected by orders of the dictactor Rafael Trujillo to give the town the impression that he had  control over it, because this town was one of those which most showed their opposition to the regime.

Marks de lechones

Museum of Folcloric Art Tomas Morel

Items Related to the Folclorre and daily aspects of Santiago , Household can Be admired here, specially those that take back to colonial times until 1960. it comprises a colection of (Máscaras de lechones) or pigs masks.Representing the Santiago Carnival.

Great Cibao Theater

Great Cibao Theater

it presents shows of National and international artists it has two saloons :

The Restoration and Julio Alberto Hernandez .It is covered by Italian marble, it is the highest theater system with  works of the famous spanish sculptor Don Juan Avalalo and others.

Santiago Cultural Center: As its name points it out, this is the place where the cultural activites an others related  to the beauty arts take phace, it also works as a school of art in all its different forms.

Centro Leon : It present, the most famous museum in the country and one of the best in the Caribbean . It comprises theree rooms of permanent exhibitions. Every two years there is a exhibition of the works selected from the art contest Eduardo Leon Jimenez.

 Tourism  of adventure and echological

Diego de Ocampo Peak

(1,249 mts.) the highest elevation of the  northern range. It is just between the provinces of Santiago and Puerto Plata.

Tops of the Northerner Range

In some zones this range big and important deposits of amber are found, a mineral produced from fosil resins of pine trees from the Miocene Era, of wich jewels an ornaments are made. The southener tip of the northener range. Also known as range of Montecristy is limited by the important and active northener fall, which gives it an abrupt elevation and deformed faces.

Rio Janico
Located in the Janico Municipality of Santiago de los Caballeros
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