Welcome to Punta Cana !

Idioma / Language: Español

The marvelous resort area of Punta Cana is located in the east of the Dominican Republic, a 15-minutes ride from the airport of Punta Can a. It is a very popular destination and good choice for couples and families seeking the perfect beach and rest and relax vacation. This region is famous for the European Style hotels and magnificent shopping strolls opportunities for traditional art and typical crafts.

 The lovely Punta Cana shoreline is protected by law, making sure that no manmade structure can affect the lush natural beauty of these calm tranquil beaches, which are perfect for water sport lovers, especially for snorkelers and divers. Punta Cana features Golf courses that are second to none.

 Visit Punta Cana and find the best place for vegging out:  miles of silky-fine white sand, deserted beaches with coconut palms! Come here to play in the waves of crystal clear blue waters and have your siesta under a swaying palm on a quaint tropical beach!

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