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Cofresi features an exclusive resort area and very nice beaches. The brand new, $30 million Ocean World is located at this lovely place and offers unforgettable memories of your vacation. The world's first fully interactive ocean park s not about strolling past gigantic aquariums teeming with coral reefs and tropical fish, dolphins and sharks, it's about actually getting inside the aquarium and swimming with them.

The dolphin swims and encounters are already selling out, attracting more than 100 people per day. We recommend making reservations one week in advance. Indeed, this isn't about sitting in bleachers and watching animal tricks from a distance. This is about getting into your bathing suit and sitting with just a couple dozen people on a floating deck, with three trainers attending and three dolphins sharing an enclosed pool not much larger than a jacuzzi. The more you whoop it up, clap and have fun, the more they will respond and interact with you. Ocean World is a place where the public is invited to touch, dance, stroke and feed the animals. Here you can experience the incredible feeling of being that close to such a large animal, standing stomach to stomach with him and feel the strength, the power and the gentle affection of these incredible mammals as they wiggle their snouts against your cheek for a friendly kiss. Do not miss this unforgettable impressing experience.
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