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Dominican Cigars

The Dominican Republic is world¨s leading exporting high quality cigars, acknowledged by the association of Tobacco growing countries. From October 2001, to October 2002, the country exported 256 millions, 300 thousands cigars.
The Dominican “puros”, (OUR CIGARS), have conquered the 60 per cent of the North American market. Another countries that also buy our cigars are: Spain, Morocco, Honduras , Holland , Germany and Belgium.


The province of Santiago is the country’s main tobacco grower and renders the 80 per cent of the exports of this product. The tobacco is manufactured by 27 free zones factories which have 12,000 jobs, investing 170 millions dollars.

The Dominican Republic has the capacity for exporting the product of 250,000 acres of growing tobacco, but from 1997 to 1998 500,000 acres were sowed and a million quintals were produced, having a surpass of 600 quintals and the fall of the tobacco growers.

The Dominican cigars have some characteristic that are the first one for a good cigar:
Combustion, texture, flavour, elasticity, smell, color and balance, in their mixture of nicotine and oils.


All the process to manufacture the tobacco takes part on its final quality, like making a selection of the soils, and the skill of the manufacturer. The tobacco must be well-harvested, well-dried, well-stored and well-fermented.

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