Welcome to Santo Domingo

The city of Santo Domingo, founded in 1496, by Christopher Columbus, is the oldest and most romantic capital in the Americas. Originally, the city set out to be the jewel of the Spanish Empire in the "New World". Now Santo Domingo is the heart of the Caribbean, combining spicy latin rhythms with spanish old world charm. It is one of the most sought after travel destinations and who can blame all those travelers? Santo Domingo offers first class acommodations and luxury at bargain prices, plus all the romance, history, and excitement of an emerging cultural center.
Today Santo Domingo has emerged as one of the hubs of economic prosperity and commerce in the Caribbean . The streets are alive with bustling young entrepreneurs making their way in this new and powerful market new offices and construction projects are paving the way to the future, and symbolize the forward-looking direction of this hard-working democracy.

The Colonial City is the place to be in Santo Domingo. There is more to see and do in this distinctive section of Santo Domingo than can be imagined! From the Alcazar de Colon ( Columbus ' Palace), to the Fortress Ozama, to the awe-inspiring Cathedral, you can walk the entire Colonial City with, or without a guide and see history spring to life. Magnificent cathedrals and fortresses abound, including many of the old homesteads, many of which have been carefully preserved. Touring this part of the city is like stepping through a window in time, it is both exhilirating and humbling to experience buildings and ruins dating back to the XVIth century. Maybe that stone you're observing was one that Columbus laid himself. See also : Attractions of Santo Domingo

Be sure to check out our extensive web-page with all the information you need to fully enjoy your stay in the Colonial City. Everything you need to know about historic sites, hotels, restaurants (everything from great hamburger joints to elegant fine-dining), and night-life are on this page so you can enjoy your holidays in the Dominican Republic with ease. We've even included a fully detailed map to help you find your way around the Colonial City.

So, what is there to do? In short, the possibilities are endless. First, there is the night-life and the Las Vegas-style casinos. Amid the flurry of new hotels which offer first-class service, are the casinos of Santo Domingo . They combine the glitz and glamour of the high-life with the down-to-earth good nature of the attendants and staff. Try some high- or low-stakes gambling at any one of our fine casinos. Mingle with the locals and take in a fabulous floor-show with the top latin musical talent in the Caribbean . Whatever your style, you're guaranteed a good time.

When you're in the mood in the evening, stroll the exciting Malecon. This is the most famous street in the city. You can walk along the edge of the ocean at sunset, get a bite to eat at any one of the great restaurants along the way, or just people-watch from one of the plentiful park benches. Later on, the streets come alive as people turn out to "merengue" the night away in any of a dozen fine clubs and discotechs along the Malecon. You can find traditional latin clubs, or good old fashioned American rock'n'roll, and popular music of the '90's.

These are just some of the many attractions that Santo Domingo has to offer. Other parts of the city offer the exotic Botanical Gardens, "Los Tres Ojos" (the caverns of the "three eyes"), and Faro a Colon ( Columbus ' lighthouse) where Columbus ' remains are still kept today. Finally, there are the more formal Teatro Nacional and other theatres that bring music, art and stage to life in this exciting city.

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